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Primitive Methodist Magazine 1917


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Our Northwold Church and the Brandon and Methwold Station have suffered a great loss by the death of Pte. H. Moore. He had the advantage of a godly training. He was early brought to Christ, and became a member when he was ten years old. At sixteen he received a “note” to speak in our pulpits, and became an acceptable preacher. He took a deep interest in the younger people, and was a frequent visitor at Sunday school and C.E. Conventions in the district. He was musical, and helped in the musical parts of the services. He joined His Majesty’s Forces, and spent a long time in France. He was wounded, but recovered and returned to the trenches. Unfortunately on July 28th he was struck by a shell and killed instantly. His loss to our Church is inexpressible. He ended a splendid career when he was scarcely twenty-six years old. He leaves an excellent father, mother and sister to mourn his tragic departure.

C. Shreeve



Herbert was a farm labourer before the war.

Herbert was Private 24055 in the Norfolk Regiment, 1st Battalion. WW1 casualty records identify he was killed in action on 28 June 1917.


Primitive Methodist Magazine 1917/880

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If there is a living relative to this man I believe I have something that was once his because it's engraved Herbert A Moore and is of masionic relevance. If someone knows anything about him I would love to know and find out more about him. Thank you email me at m92j81g52@gmail.com 

By Michael Gibson
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I have a freemason sword that has Herbert A Moores name on it if there is any family members that are still living and wants it call 706 356 8232.

By Roy Gibson
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