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From 1826, Primitive Methodists in Deuddwr (Deytheur) met in a farmhouse. The 1877 chapel was erected by a local builder, Henry Pearce of Sarnau. The decorative brickwork consists of locally made Ruabon type red bricks, with bands and details using more expensive Ruabon buffs and Staffordshire blues. The porch, with its decorated barge boards, is a later addition, but probably by the same bricklayer, John Brown, a mason and heavy drinker, who was converted during his work on the chapel, or soon afterwards. (A F Mortimer, 'A Born-Again Sinner? Primitive Methodism in the Marches', Capel Newsletter, 7, Spring 1989)

By Jill Barber
On 19/06/2012