remembering the past


My grandfather was George Sutcliffe the man who married George Wadman Moorse's daughter Annie Eliza in 1905. I remember my grandfather talking about his in laws, I met Mary McKenzie when I was about six.

My grandfather had several bibles that had belonged to Moses Lupton, one I remember was in Sanscrit . My son Gabriel has a Deguerotype photograph of Moses Lupton, which my Dad left me. My Dad was the only child of George and Annie, he was a kind and generous father , and he only died six years ago, at the age of ninety four. He had been a G. P. and loved his job.

My grandfather died in 1964 at the age of eighty four, he too was a kind and generous man, who was quite forward thinking for his time, as he always insisted that my brothers helped with the washing up! Sadly I never met my grandmother, she died in 1949 the year before I was born. It was interesting to find some information about my ancestors, I had heard of Leopold Frederick Cavendish Moorse and always wondered where that rather noble name had come from, all my Dad knew is that he had a "club" foot.

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