Moulton Seas End Primitive Methodist chapel

Photo:Moulton Seas End Primitive Methodist chapel

Moulton Seas End Primitive Methodist chapel

Keith Guyler 1991

location of Moulton Seas End Primitive Methodist chapel

Mill Marsh Road, Moulton Seas End PE12 6LR

By Christopher Hill

Moulton Seas End Primitive Methodist chapel dates from 1835 and served until 1994.  It closed apparently because the front was unsafe. It was subsequently sold and converted to use as a house. The congregation continued to hold monthly united services in the former Anglican Mission Hall.

Above the round-headed doorway with paired doors is a rectangular date tablet which is no longer easily readable but was painted 'Primitive Methodist 1835'.

It is a grade 2 Listed Building.

There is an account by James Lucas in the Primitive Methodist magazine of the opening of the chapel on 12th and 14th June 1835. The foundation stone had been laid only a month earlier in May 1835: Mrs Brown, "a benevolent lady" laid the first stone. The month between laying the foundation stone and opening the chapel is informative in itself.

The chapel measured 20' wide, 30' long and  16' high.

location: 322275


Primitive Methodist magazine 1836 p.346


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Lincolnshire Archives, Lincoln:

Ref. MLI94469: History & 2 photographs. In c.2010 is had become a house and after alterations and structural repairs, etc., it gained Protected Listed Building Status.

By Ray & Marie (Mr. & Mrs. Ella)
On 29/12/2017

Hi! I have just moved in to this chapel!! It is awsome to see the history behind it too:) I have lots of old pictures and information behind it if you would like some:) I have left my email at the top so you can hopefully contact me! I would love to help with the information. Again, I have lots of pictures and information:) thank you for your time:)

By Graciw
On 09/08/2018

Hi Graciw,

Just before the unification of Methodist groups in 1932, there was an O.S. 25 inch scale Map for Moulton Seas End (Ref. CXXXV.5, revised 1929, published 1931). On it at the top on Mill Marsh Rd is printed the following:

Primitive Methodist Church.

This is interesting because the last word would be usually "Chapel" earlier.

O.S. 25 inch Map CXXXXV.5, revised 1903, published 1904, there is the following:

Methodist Chapel


O.S. six-inch Map CXXXV. NW surveyed 1887, published 1887. Again on Mill Marsh Road there is printed this:




By Ray & Marie (Mr. & Mrs. Ella)
On 14/08/2018

Good to hear from you Graciw. It would be good to learn more about the chapel and see pictures of its life.  You can add information to this page as a comment and email scans of pictures to 

By Christopher Hill
On 11/08/2018