Kingsmoor Primitive Methodist Chapel with Graveyard

Photo:Kingsmoor Primitive Methodist Chapel 2014

Kingsmoor Primitive Methodist Chapel 2014

R Beck

Photo:Kingsmoor PM Chapel 2014

Kingsmoor PM Chapel 2014

R Beck

Location of Kingsmoor PM Chapel

Kingsmoor Road, Nr Kilgetty, St Issells Civil Parish, Pembrokeshire, Wales

By Richard Beck

Location GR :- SN 12460 06545

In 2014 the building appears to be under refurbishment. The wooden floor may be seen lying outside the building. Its present use is unsure, it now has a UPVC house front door.

Details about the Chapel may be found at this web site :–

A Pembrokeshire Mining Community - Some thoughts on the history of the coalmining community around Begelly and Saundersfoot in Pembrokeshire

On the 1889 OS Pembrokeshire 1:2,500 map the building is marked as Methodist Chapel (Primitive)

On the 1904 OS Pembrokeshire 1:2,500 map the building is marked as Methodist Chapel (Primitive) with Burial Ground

On the 1936 OS Pembrokeshire 1:2,500 map the building is marked as PrimitiveMethodistChurch with BG

The above maps may be viewed at Old Maps.


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Just to let you know we purchased the church in December 2013 and are converting it into a dwelling. The church was in disrepair and in need of major work. We have replaced the roof and floor and are hopeful of completing the conversion within two years. I thought I would just update you to its status. 

By Paul O'Neill
On 04/11/2014

The conversion should be finished by now.  

There's an account by John Petty in the Primitive Methodist magazine (1828 page 311) of the opening of King's Moor Primitive Methodist chapel in the Haverford-west circuit. Opening services took place from Whit Sunday 1828. Mr Petty tells us that begun some time previously but the society ran out of money.  The building was high enough to take a gallery if needed and measured 20'(w) x 30'(l). 

By Christopher Hill
On 08/09/2017