King Sutton Primitive Methodist chapel

location of former King Sutton Primitive Methodist chapel

By Christopher Hill

The 1860 Primitive Methodist magazine has a note by H Yeates about the re-opening of King Sutton Primitive Methodist chapel in the Banbury circuit.

"On Sunday, October 14th, 1860, we re-opened this little sanctuary, Mr. E. Hollier, Wesleyan local preacher, preached twice ; the congregations were good. On the following Tuesday, a tea was provided gratuitously by the society, and a soul-quickening meeting was held; Mr. R. Roberts took the chair, and Messrs. Smith, Medcalf, Portnell, Yeates, George, and Tibbets, delivered addresses. This house of prayer has been greatly improved, a new deal floor has been laid, a cupboard for the school fixed in the side where the old door was, new rail back benches have been secured, and the chapel thoroughly cleaned and painted, &c. The cost is little more than £17, towards which the sum of £14 has been raised by our friends."

The chapel is shown on Ordnance Survey maps of 1884 - 1922 just off the north side of Richmond Street, just north of its junction with Bull Lane.


Primitive Methodist magazine December 1860 page 740


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