Can you help us build up an A-Z of pictures of Primitive Methodist chapels, past and present? Some chapels are still the centres of worshipping communities. Others have been demolished or converted for other uses. Do you know where they were? There are more than 4,000 to find!

We'd really like pictures of all the chapels: could you provide any?

To find out more about a particular chapel, have a look at our Circuit Plans page.  A plan will tell you for example who preached there and when services were held.

Alternatively, use the search box at the top right of the page.  This could introduce you to some of the people involved in a location.

Page link: Who were the Primitive Methodist architects?
Who were the Primitive Methodist architects?
A list of architects and the Primitive Methodist buildings they designed, in Yorkshire and some other counties
Category link: Chapel openings, re-openings and stone-laying
Chapel openings, re-openings and stone-laying
Accounts from the Primitive Methodist Magazine
Category link: Essex
There were about 75 PM chapels in Essex
Category link: Lincolnshire
The first PM chapel in Lincs was built in 1819.
Category link: Monmouthshire
a historic county now in Wales
Category link: Staffordshire
Home of the first PM Chapel
Category link: Unknown
Can you help us identify these unknown PM CHapels?
Category link: Wales
See also Monmouthshire
Category link: Worcestershire
includes chapels now in the West Midlands